Simple 2 Way texting for your campground

Send & receive texts online
Campground Notifier gives you a simple dashboard to send, receive, and manage text message conversations online or on the go. Engage with your customers faster with two-way texting.
Contact your whole team with texting
Is your team struggling to make connections? Campground Notifier gives you a simple way to provide and manage team member communications.
Our Team Notifier feature allows you to contact your entire team or selected individuals at once in seconds.
We make mass text messaging easy
Tools like broadcasting allow you to send a single message to multiple contacts at a time. Upload your contacts, create a personalized text message, and send away.
Now you can send a broadcast to all your campers in seconds. Broadcast a special event or notify everyone at once in case of emergency!  
Chat System Metrics
See complete metrics, know how much you use, analyze your most popular keywords, see how long it takes your team to reply, know who is handling most of your replies, understand when you have your busiest day so you can plan coverage.
Text using local, 800 or landline numbers
Communicate with customers the way they prefer — texting. At Campground Notifier can text-enable your existing landline business phone number or provide you a new one for you to use.  Use our texting capabilities to extend your reach in your current advertising.  Try it text camp to 978-801-2267 Have a vanity 800 number?  Have a landline phone number customers know by heart.  Convert all advertising & media from “Call Us 1-800-555-3333” to “Call or Text Us 1-800-555-3333”.    Use our texting capabilities to extend your reach in your current advertising. Welcome your customers with technology they rather use and love.